Unanswered Text

It’s not just one unanswered text. It’s the hundred that came before it.

It’s when I say I’ve had a bad day, and you can’t even ask why.

It’s you telling me that you’ll always be there, but never coming through.

It’s when I ask you for the simplest things but get no reply.

It’s when I’m sick, and there’s no one to call, but yet there I am, ready and willing to be there for you.

It’s when I beg and plead for you to just hang out, but you pretend like I don’t have needs.

It’s the way you constantly forget that I have no one here but you.

It’s the way I try so hard just to make your life a little better, but you treat me like I don’t even matter.

It’s all the times you weren’t there when I needed you, because it just wasn’t convenient enough for you.

It’s the way that you make everyone else a part of your special day, but I’m the odd one out.

It’s the way my apartment remains empty, no matter how many times I ask you to come over.

It’s the way you never seem to notice when I’m not around.

It’s the deafening silence that surrounds me those times when all I need is a friend.

It’s the feeling of worthlessness that never fully goes away and the tears that fall down my cheeks.

It’s the way the loneliness clings to my skin and the voices of my demons pounding the inside of my head.

It’s the way I try to talk to you, but you write me off, so all I can do is silently scream.

It’s knowing that you keep on choosing not to see me and all the pain I’m in.

It’s all the times I reach for your hand just to end up with an empty grasp.

It’s not just one unanswered text that makes me wonder if I should just let you be.

It’s the hundred little things that show me just how much you don’t care about me.

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