Things to Do After an Awful Week

We all have times where life just seems to be kicking us while we’re down. Sometimes it’s a day, sometimes a week. Sometimes it feels like it’s dragging on forever and life will just never stop sucking, and you’ll be doomed to live in this state of shit for the rest of your days. In the past few weeks, it has felt like I simply cannot get a win. I’ve been like I can’t do anything right and that my entire life is doomed to be worthless. In the past week alone, I’ve broken down at work… twice, got bad news concerning my family, have attempted to figure out why my body feels as though it hates me just to have the doctor run one blood test, come up with nothing, and then tell me there’s nothing else for them to do, and I’m not 100% positive, but I’m pretty sure I got dumped. This week has been nothing short of shit, but thankfully I’ve had the weekend to recuperate. This has given me a lot of time to consider the best things to do after an utterly crap week.


Watch a romantic comedy… or three

There’s no shame in binge watching your favorite rom-com or finding one that you’ve been meaning to watch forever. I’m writing this as I’m on the second Bridget Jones movie, and I cannot believe I have gone my whole life without seeing these movies.

giphy (1)

Take a hot bath or shower… or both

There is a nothing that a hot bath and/or shower can’t temporarily cure.

giphy (2)

Watch a horror movie

I love watching a horror movie when I’ve been having a rough time with life, because it reminds me that no matter how bad my life is going, at least it’s going better than the poor suckers in the movie. I may have had a crap week, but at least I’m not tied up in some crazy woman’s basement (bonus points if you can name that movie).

giphy (3)

Get some ice cream

Because honestly, you probably deserve it!

giphy (4)

Clean up

If you’re anything like me, your home probably reflects the tough week you’ve had. Just putting everything away, doing some dishes, and running a vacuum through my living room makes me feel a million times better. Plus, you actually accomplish something!

giphy (2)

Get drunk… like really drunk

Full disclosure- I didn’t actually do this this past weekend, but believe me when I say I tried. However, I can confirm that I am typing this whilst drinking a beer.

giphy (5)

Make a really good meal

Just because life isn’t going your way, doesn’t mean you can’t eat delicious food. Make yourself your favorite comfort meal and eat it until you’re so full, you couldn’t possibly eat another bite. If you don’t feel like cooking or can’t cook so well, treat yourself and go out to eat at your favorite restaurant.

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Hang out with your best friend

Even if you just sit around watching trashy T.V. about spoiled, rich girls spending thousands on wedding dresses, just spending time with your bestie can make you feel a million times better.


Write a semi-shit blog post

Exhibit A can be found above.

giphy (7)

The past week or two or five may not have been great, but at least my weekend wasn’t too craptastic. Luckily, there’s no rule that says next week can’t be absolutely fabulous! Keep working your perfectly imperfectly selves, and I’ll keep working on mine.