Things Minnesotans Can Do When It’s 15 Below

Today just happens to be one of those days Minnesota is famous for; the days when it’s dangerously cold out, snow covers the ground, nostrils stick together, and we ask the question “Cold enough for ya?” It’s hard to find things to do when the weather is so unforgiving, but luckily there are some things we can do to pass the time.

Make a pot of coffee to keep warm. Nothing warms up the soul like a steaming pot of liquid gold. If you want to get extra warm, make it Irish.


See if your car starts. It’s always good to know what your car’s breaking point is, and if it happens to start, let it run for a bit- it’s good for it.


Do a puzzle. This one is great, because it requires very minimum movement, but still keeps your brain entertained.


Make a really good meal. This one is doubly good, because not only do you get some great food, but you also get to spend some time standing over a hot stove.


Take a hot bath… provided the pipes aren’t frozen and you have running water.


If it’s unbearably cold, don’t waste money turning up the heat. Simply heat up the oven, and crack the door. I guarantee this will warm up the house, and it has the added bonus of possible excitement if something goes wrong.


Stand by a door or window and yell “F**k you, winter!” at the top of your lungs. Not only will this make you feel a little better, but maybe winter will hear you.


Cuddle up into a blanket, and watch a movie. Everyone needs a little bit of warmth and relaxation. Reading a book is also a great alternative.


Sleep. No matter the weather, sleep is always a good idea.


If you must, bundle up tight and brave the cold. It’s only a matter of time before you’ll see the gleaming red lights of Target.


This cold is no joke, so however you decided to spend your day, just be smart and safe. Especially if you’re a Minnesotan, you know the unwritten rules of winter; it’s always best to honor them. Stay warm, my dears! I’ll be spending my day bundled up inside.


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