Things That Suck About Being a Girl

While being a female can be a glorious thing, it can also be a huge pain in the ass! It’s not enough that we have countless expectations thrown at as from every direction- how we should look, how we should feel, how we should react- we are also judged relentlessly for nearly everything we do, say, and like. We are supposed to look flawless, but not like we are trying too hard. We aren’t supposed to talk about sex, but we also shouldn’t be prudes. We aren’t supposed to be emotional, but we also aren’t supposed to be cold hearted. Many times, it seems like no matter what we do, girls simply cannot win. Being a girl is hard: we have awful menstrual cramps, bodies that sometimes hate us and minds that hate us even more, beauty expectations we can never hope to achieve, and live our lives in a constant paradox of what we should be. This post is not about those things. Those things, while important, are very well known. This post is about those lesser known disadvantages that affect us in a far more blatant way. The things that girls constantly wish would change to make their already hard lives a little easier, because after all, we didn’t ask for any of this.


The price of our clothes: Women’s clothes cost to much more than men’s! Men can easily find a nice outfit for about $30; women can barely even find a decent pair of pants for that price. I vividly remember seeing a set of plain colored hoodies at a store once. These were just regular, plain old hoodies. In the women’s section, they cost $22, BUT the same hoodies (I could not find a single difference, even when I tried them on) only cost $12 in the men’s section. That’s nearly half the price! And it doesn’t end there: it’s in jeans, athletic wear, underwear, and every other article of clothing you can think of. Why do women spend so much more on clothes? Because our clothes cost more, and believe me when I say we are sick of it too.


Having the perfect outfit in your head, but not being able to find it anywhere: We’ve all done this- thought up the perfect outfit to wear to something. Whether it’s a wedding, a party, or a business meeting, we have a clear picture of what we want to wear. The problem? That outfit doesn’t seem to exist, but everything else you find seems subpar, and anything you do end up buying will end up disappointing you.  


The pockets: While we are on the subject of clothes, let’s talk about pockets. Ask any girl about her pockets, and she will take you on a long, extensive journey on why they suck. For some reason, clothing companies love to make it look like our pants have pockets, when in fact they don’t; it’s just for “fashion.” And in the off chance they actually do have pockets, they are so tiny, you can barely fit your keys in there, let alone anything else. We have things to carry too, and not all of us want to carry a purse all the time. While guys have to dig in their pockets for their phones, girls can’t even get their phones in their pocket most of the time. The next time a guy wants to complain about girls always needing their purses, feel free to remind them that we have nowhere else to put our things, and they are more than welcome to carry our stuff in their bottomless pockets.


Having a million shoes, but NONE match this outfit: We spend so much time picking out a killer outfit, but none of the shoes we have look quite right. In fact, we know exactly what shoes would be perfect- the ones we saw in the store a month ago that we talked ourselves out of buying. Ever wondered why girls have so many shoes? That’s why.


Periods: I know I said I wouldn’t mention these, but periods really, really suck.


The hair: It gets everywhere! In the shower, in the drains, all over the sink, on our clothes, in our mouths- I’ve even found it wrapped around the bristles of my toothbrush. We can’t run our fingers through our hair without some of it coming with. Our hair gets everywhere. All the time. We know. You can stop pointing it out to us.


Disappearing bobby pins: Where do they go!? It’s like they get up and walk away sometimes. I bought fifty a month ago, and I suddenly have two? How is that even possible!?


Shaving: As if shaving your legs wasn’t already bad enough, leg hair loves to grow super fast. If you shave on Friday, you’ll be lucky if you don’t need to shave again by Sunday, and if you get goose bumps- forget it. And when you’re done shaving (which is far more difficult than you’d think), you get razor bumps, insanely painful cuts (seriously, why do they hurt so bad!?), ingrown hairs (especially in the down there area), and itchy. Chances are, you also missed a spot, which you will obsessively run your fingers over until you shave it. It is an unbelievable pain, but we do it anyway.


The struggle between wanting to be cute and wanting to be comfortable: This is a constant battle we fight almost every day. Do I wear the cute dress or the comfy yoga pants? The shoes that pinch my toes but are so cute, or the comfy, worn out shoes. Do I put my hair up so its out of my face or keep it down so I can wear it cute. It’s a hard choice; cute or comfy? Cute or comfy? CUTE OR COMFY!? But there is those rare occasions where you find the outfit/ hairstyle that is cute AND comfy.


The morning debate: We go to bed super excited for the cute outfit and hair style we have picked out for the next day, that we can barely sleep. Then the morning hits, and we have the same conversation with ourselves every time. If we get up with our alarm, we can pull off this amazing look, BUT if we sleep for 15 more minutes, we can still pull it off if we skip the shower. 15 minutes come and go and it happens again- if we sleep for 15 more minutes, we can still wear the outfit and just put our hair up. After another 15, we tell ourselves that no one really cares how we look anyway, as long as we make it on time. Another 15 go by, and it’s yoga pants and a t-shirt again and we’re late.


Being a girl isn’t always easy, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy it sometimes. Remember, we are all struggling to figure out how to be the right kind of girl, but the truth is, no matter what they say, there is no right way. You are all doing it fabulously! Keep keeping being your beautiful selves, and remember that we are all in this together, for better or for worse. 


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