If This Were a Movie

I wonder what would happen if this were a movie. One of us would make the four hour drive, say how sorry we were, and the other would run with tears in their eyes, and fling themselves into the other’s arms. We would declare our love for each other, tell each other we were always meant to be together, and share a passionate kiss that makes all the viewers wish for a story like ours. A love song would play, the camera would zoom out as the screen fades to black, and as the credits roll there would be no doubt in anyone’s mind that we lived happily ever after. All the pain wouldn’t matter, because it would only be a matter of time before the happy ending. But life isn’t like a movie. There are no songs in the background that warn you of what’s coming. There is no script to keep you from saying the wrong things. The person you love doesn’t always love you back. The silence doesn’t always end, the anger doesn’t always fade, and the gap between two people sometimes just keeps getting bigger. There is no paper that holds the words that would make everything better, because you aren’t following the same story they are. You have one ending in mind, and they have another. You play out a resolution and an end to the silence, and they see the end of your story line. They are a major character in your movie, but you are a minor character in theirs. To them, you are insignificant to the whole plot. There aren’t happy endings in life, because life isn’t a movie. We say the wrong things, we play our own music, we make our own choices, and we aren’t guaranteed a happy ending. The guy ends up with the wrong girl, rather than the one everyone is rooting for. The girl cries silently as the boy drives away, instead of dramatically sobbing. The boy keeps driving; he doesn’t stop to say goodbye one last time or turn around to tell her he loves her. The girl makes stupid mistakes and fights back, rather than becoming a blubbering mess. The boy moves on and the girl is left behind. Life would be easier if it played out the way the movies do, but life isn’t a movie. No one is watching. No one is rooting for the main character. No one cares about the ending, because it’s only a matter of time before the happily ever after turns dark again. Sometimes there is no closure. Sometimes the bridge just burns. Sometimes people don’t work out. Sometimes people don’t miss you. Sometimes they don’t come back. If this were a movie, you’d be back, things would work out, and that’d be the end. But this isn’t a movie, and I don’t expect a happy ending. This isn’t movie, so I know this can’t be fixed. This isn’t a movie, and yet our scene has faded to black.

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