Undeniable Benefits of a Third Wheel


“An extra person joining a couple in a social context, especially one that interferes or gets in the way.” That’s the technical definition of a third wheel, but honestly who reads the dictionary? People are constantly adding a negative connotation to the phrase “third wheel,” but if there’s one thing I have learned, it’s that there are some indisputable benefits to not only being a third wheel, but also to having a third wheel. As someone who serves as an official third wheel for five couples, it is my belief that every couple needs a third wheel to be complete. Let’s start with the benefits of having a third wheel, as a couple.


So why have a third wheel? Well, first of all, you will have an amazing friend who is willing to be there for you at all times. You have a third friend for any activities you might want to do, a third friend to make an abundance of happy memories with, another partner in crime, and a member for your future wedding party. The third wheel will offer unconditional moral support, award worthy relationship advice, unlimited fun, and a lifelong friend. We can help you do anything from picking out gifts to investigations of significant others all the way to helping you hide a body (just don’t tell us what happened, so we can testify). We will remain neutral in arguments, unless there is a clear wrong side. We help you plan and carry out perfect dates, have a blast at parties, and most importantly, show our love and support in any situation. Your third wheel is someone who will always be there for you; someone you can trust with your deepest secrets. They will always put you first and make sure your relationship is running smoothly. Now what many people don’t know is that being a third wheel isn’t all fun and games; it can be a lot a work and is a HUGE responsibility. This is especially true when your third wheel has more than one couple. So, try not to forget to show them how much they mean to you, because third wheels can forget this easily. Show your third wheel that you care about them and love having them be a part of your duo. Now as many benefits as there are to having a third wheel, there are far more to being one. 


When you are a third wheel, you get to enjoy all the things that come with a relationship without actually being in one, which means no responsibilities. Plus, having two friends is much better than just one. Your couples will teach you the do’s and don’ts in a relationship, which will make you much better prepared should you ever get your own. You get to help plan all the surprises in a relationship, but won’t be held responsible if they don’t turn out. You get to figure out the type of person you want for a relationship, but you also get to see all the advantages of living a single life. You don’t have to worry about your wingmen stealing your crush, because they have their own significant other already. You have two people to always look out for you, and two that are on the hunt for you. You have easy access to points of view from both genders and you learn how to manage any awkward situation. You also get really really good at being a relationship counselor. You get the best of both the couple world and the single world without having to choose between the two. But the best benefit of all? You get to see what love looks like. You get to see the kind of relationship you want. You have a model couple to take after. Your faith in true love is restored. When two of your friends are in love, you can either see it as awkward and weird, or you can choose to see it as fun and exciting.


Being a third wheel is not an easy job, which is why it takes a special type of person to be one. Remember to appreciate your third wheel, because I guarantee they appreciate you. If you are a third wheel, or even an eleventh wheel like me, remember that you are not just a third wheel; you are a beautiful unicycle and they are your training wheels. Stop making a third wheel such a negative thing, because it can be a wonderful, beautiful experience that you will lose when you stop being single. Enjoy being one and enjoying having one. You won’t find anyone else remotely close to them; you especially won’t find someone who loves you as much as your third wheel does, except each other, of course. To my couples; it is an honor to serve as your third wheel. You have taught me how fun being single can be, but also what a good relationship looks like. You have shown me what love really looks like; the good, the bad, and the ugly. So, don’t be in a hurry to jump onto a bicycle; enjoy being a tricycle.


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