The Consequences of Living With Your Best Friends

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One of the most important parts of life is the time that you no longer live with your parents, but you also don’t live alone or with a significant other. I’m talking about the roommate time. You may have one or five roommates and they may be males, females, or both. However, no matter who they are, your roommates will inevitably be one of three types. The roommate you don’t talk to unless you have to, the one you spend time with, but not too much time, and the one who you spend most of your time with, not because you have to, but because you want to. Luckily, both of my roommates fall into the third category. They are two of my best friends, but that doesn’t always make living together easy. We have our spats and grievances, but at the end of every day, I know that they will be there in a second if I need them. So these are some things that will inevitably happen when your best friends and your roommates are the same people.

You get to know each other’s families: Somehow, you will be introduced to their family, whether you go home with them or their parents come to visit. The same will happen with them and your family. I have met both of my roommates’ families, and know quite a bit of their history, as they know my family and our story. Some things about their family will seem odd to you, but you also begin to understand how they became the person they are.

You know each other’s biggest insecurities: No one will know the things you don’t like about yourself better than they will. My roommates are well aware of the things that put a damper on my self-esteem, and I know theirs. We each other’s least favorite parts about our bodies, the personality traits we wish we could change, and all of our shortcomings. Luckily, there is an unwritten rule that we never hold these things against each other, nor do we make each other feel more ashamed of them. We don’t need to point each other’s flaws; there are plenty of other people that do it for us, including ourselves. Instead, we make each other feel better about the things we wish we could change.

You know each other’s food preferences better than you know your own: Chances are, if you take a bite of something, you’re going to know whether or not your roommate is going to like it. You know what flavor blends they like and the ones they don’t. My roommates know that I don’t like mushrooms or shrimp, and that I think thyme tastes like dirt. I know that one doesn’t like Swiss cheese and the other loves salt. I know what they like on their pizza and how they eat their steak. We learn each other’s food choices, which makes cooking together much more fun and a whole lot easier!

If you are close to the same size, you will share clothes: This is great when we are going out, because I don’t have just one closet to raid; I have three! The perk works both ways, because they have raided my closet as well. If you are the same size, might as well take advantage of it! And if not, at least you will always have a second opinion on what to wear!

You know each other’s weirdest habits: You are not weirder with anyone else than you are with each other. You can let all your quirks roam free, and they probably wouldn’t even be surprised by them. My roomies know that I like butter more than most people, that I like to perch on furniture, and that I LOVE playing with fire (literally and figuratively)! Because I love them, I won’t write about the weird habits they have, but I DO know them… better than I sometimes would like to.

You rarely show up somewhere without at least one of them: Whether it’s to a party or running an errand, chances are I have at least one, if not both, of my roommates in tow. You’d think we’d get tired of spending so much time together, and sometimes we do, but most things are just so much more fun with someone to share the experience with.

You have a lot of the same friends: Partly because of the pervious statement, there is A LOT of overlap between friends. If you want to be friend, you have to get with my roomies (not quite what the Spice Girls were talking about, but close enough). You have very few friends that are exclusively yours, but being able to all hang out together is part of the fun. It also makes party planning and get togethers a lot easier and a lot more fun.

You know each other’s life stories: You know everything about their childhood, adolescence, teen years, and their day to day to life. My roommates probably know more about me than anyone else, which makes things a lot easier to process because you have the help. A guy is giving you trouble? They will help you figure out how to proceed. Not sure how to respond to your crush? They can analyze his text and help come up with the perfect response. They know who your friend’s were when you were in elementary school, and they know your high school social ranking (mine was not high). They could probably write your life story better than you could.

Boundaries cease to exist: There are no limits to what we will do. We have seen each other nude countless times, and have long conservations in the bathroom. We seldom knock and know whose underwear are whose without even having to think. We talk about anything and everything; no topic is off limits. We also know which weeks to be a little nicer to each other…

You have someone looking out for you: No matter what happens, I know that I have at least two people who have my back. You mess with one of us, you mess with all three. If I needed to hide a body, I know who I would go to; my roommates. We watch out for each other because, deep down, we love each other. No matter how much we get on each other’s nerves, we are still there for each other.

I’m one of the lucky ones who lives with close friends. Yes, we get mad and annoyed with each other. Yes, we have things we wish could change about each other. We all have our bad days. But, all that seems to pale in comparison to all the advantages these girls come with. I have gone from stranger, to friend, to close friend, to roommate with one, and from stranger, to acquaintance, to roommate, to close friend with the other. They are so wonderfully different, but they both have beautiful hearts. I know that when I am living alone or with a family of my own, I will look back and cherish the time I spent living with them, all the while missing them both terribly. I love you both, and I hope we continue to make what will become some of my favorite memories.

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