Why I am Disappointed in Us

As the 2016 presidential election came to a close last night, I am awestruck. I cannot believe we, as a nation, allowed this to happen. I usually try to stay away from politics on my blog, but this is something different entirely. I’ve been racking mind, trying to figure out how we could possibly elect someone so filled with hate to lead our country. Part of me still thinks this whole thing is a joke. But the sad reality is that we are not nearly as evolved as we like to pretend we are. We are leaps and bounds behind the other superpower countries of this world. This was never a political issue: it is a moral issue.

The fact that we have chosen to elect a racist, sexist, hate spewing bigot as our president is beyond me. Have we forgotten all the progress the people that came before us fought to make. As a woman, I feel we have spit on those like Susan B. Anthony, who led the women’s revolution in the 20’s. They fought for years to give us the right to vote, and how do we repay them? We elect a man who has shown little no respect to women during his entire campaign. We elect a man who treats women like objects, and who has made sexual comments about his own daughters. We forgo a powerful, intelligent woman and choose a man whose views reflect those of a 1950’s man. We are a disgrace to their memories, because they deserve better than this.

Have we forgotten that the Civil War ended and that the North won? Because to me, it seems as though there are people who are under the impression that we are still fighting it. Have we forgotten people like Fredrick Douglas and Harriet Tubman, who put their lives on the line to try and help those stuck in slavery? Have forgotten how hard Martin Luther King Jr worked to end segregation? He paid the ultimate price for trying to create a better world where we chose to love rather than hate. How to we honor him? We elect a racist as our president. A man who talks about deporting immigrants from a country that used to welcome them with open arms. We are an insult to their memories. They would be ashamed of what we have become.

Have we forgotten about why The Colonies sought independence from Britain? Have we forgotten about their fight for religious freedom? Have we forgotten the reason our founding fathers made sure to include the phrase “The church and state shall be kept separate?” in our constitution? Have we forgotten that we are a nation built on religious freedom? Have we forgotten that the First Amendment is about more than freedom of speech; it’s about religious freedom. How do we respond to this? We elect a president who says Muslims are the reasons for all our problems. We elect a president who labels all Muslims terrorists and followers of ISIS. We elect a president who has said we should make all Muslims wear a symbol to identify them. We elect a president who is choosing to ignore one of the fundamental principles this country is built on.

We have insulted the LBGT community, the Latinos, the African Americans, the Muslims, the women, the poor, and anyone else who is not a rich, white male. We have elected a man who’s heart is filled with hate. But the scariest thing isn’t that he’s won. The scariest thing is the people who put them there. The people that believe white misogyny is what should fuel our nation. The people who defend the constitution, but go against the fundamental rights of equality. We had two choices in this election: make history or revert back in time. Sadly, we chose to ignore all the progress we have fought tirelessly to make, and revert back to a time before Eisenhower. This is a choice we all now have to live with.

I don’t blame those that voted for Trump. I blame the people who chose not to cast their vote, and now complain about the results. I blame those that were naïve enough to believe a third party could ever win in this society. Teddy Roosevelt couldn’t even win as a third party, and he is regarded as one of our best presidents in history. I blame those that saw this election as a joke, and wrote things like “Harambe” on their ballot, and now are wondering how Trump was elected. But most of all, I blame those of us who didn’t work harder to show others why he wasn’t a good choice. I blame those of us who sat back and watched the election unfold. I blame those of us who filled our social media sites with blatant lies, and those of us who never fact checked any of those lies. I blame those of us who thought everything they read on social media was the truth. I blame those of us who have waited until now to say something about racism and sexism, but did nothing before this election. I blame those of us who raised our children to hate others based on their gender, race, and beliefs. I blame those of us who have spewed more hate than love into this world.

We have gone from the most powerful country in the world to being the laughing stock of the world. How did we get here? How did we go so far backwards? How proud of us do you think our past presidents would be? So you honestly believe that Washington, who fought for religious freedom, Lincoln, who fought to end slavery, Teddy Roosevelt, who supported women’s suffrage, Eisenhower, who saw the horrors of war and sought to accomplish world peace, Kennedy, who worked tirelessly on a bill to end segregation, Johnson, who got that bill passed after Kennedy was killed for his beliefs, Reagan, who rebuilt the GOP after Nixon tore it down, and even Obama, who has tried his hardest to give us all a better life, would be proud of who we have chosen as our president? We have made our choices, and now we have to live with them. But remember, the government only has as much power as the people give it. That is something that we seem to forget. All we can do now is prepare for the worst and hope for the best.


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