These pages were very interesting and emotional to do, but were also very emotional and therapeutic. I started with the negative things, because I prefer to end on a positive note (which you may have noticed on my blog posts). The negative thoughts page include things that are often floating around in my mind, especially on my down days. These are things that often come to mind during my worst days and are even things people have told me. Many of these thoughts have been around in my head for years, and they love to torment me, such as “You are unlovable.” Some of them are relatively new, such as “You are a waste of time.” But this page also served the purpose of things I need to shut down when they enter my mind. They are thoughts that I need to ignore, and stop telling myself. It also helps me to see these thoughts spelt out in pretty, glittery colors, because it makes them see so harmless.

I then did the positive page. These are things I can tell myself to feel better, especially when the negative thoughts creep in. This page can help me feel better about myself and remind myself of my good qualities. Many of these things are phrases people have said to me that make me feel so much better. These are things I need to reinforce to myself. The interesting thing you will probably notice is that there are many more negative phrases than positive phrases. This is because it is so much easier to tear yourself down than it is to build yourself up, which is a very sad concept. Unfortunately, it is one that is true for most of us. Therefore, I am working on building myself up by building others up (thus the point of the blog). These pages are a lot of fun to creative with and can also be really beneficial in the long run. They can also easily be referred back to and added to.



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