The Under-Appreciated Hand

Last night, I had a classic me mishap. Desperate to guzzle down a glass or two of my favorite sweet red wine, I was trying to get the plastic covering off so that I could take out the cork. I normally do this by slitting the plastic down the side with a knife, which is exactly what I was trying to do when tragedy struck. Okay, so it wasn’t a tragedy, but it hurt like hell. The knife slipped, and slit my left index finger right on the knuckle. One hour and one trip to the emergency room later, I arrived home with liquid stitches on the cut and a stick taped to my finger to keep it straight. Of course my thought was “Hey, at least was my left hand, and not my dominate hand.”

I would like to say that today; I have a newfound appreciation for lefty. I have never realized how much I use my non-dominate hand until today. Showering with one hand, awful. Putting in contacts, not possible (wearing the glasses today). Doing my hair, a big ole pile of nope. Currently rocking a sad, short excuse for a ponytail with a crapton of bobby pins. I also happen to drive with my left hand, so while still doable, getting to school this morning as a bit more challenging. And now here I sit trying to type without being able to use my left index finger. I have made more errors whilst typing than ever before.

While I understand that my injury is next to nothing, my post isn’t trying to milk my cut for everything it’s worth. I want you to appreciate your non-dominate hand, because it does a lot more work than you think. We are so caught up in all the cool things our dominate hands can do, we often forget about the other hand there in the shadows. So today, I want you to thank your non-dominate hand for all it does. After all, it’s not its fault it can’t write.

So thank you left hand, for helping me wash my face and style my hair. Thanks for taking control of the steering wheel, and thank you for allowing me to type super fast. I appreciate you!


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