A Secret to Exams

About a month in to college courses means something we all dread; first exams. How hard are the professor’s tests? Did I need to read the textbook? What do I need to study? Is there essay questions? Basically, we all are forced to go in blind to first exams, because we have no idea what to expect. So we study and read textbook chapters obsessively, hoping we can manage to pass. But there is one thing on exam day you can do that I feel is widely overlooked. This is something I have done since high school, and I can attest to the fact that it does help. What is this mysterious secret? Looking good.

What? How does that work? You might be thinking I’m completely crazy at this point, and well, you’re half right. However, in this case, I’m actually not nuts. When we look good (girls especially) we feel more confident in ourselves. Our self-esteem is a little higher and we feel better about ourselves. So when you have this newfound confidence, you are likely to feel better as you start your day. Where does this extra self-esteem boost really come in handy? DING DING DING!!! EXAMS!!!

If you go into your test with more confidence, you are likely to not only be more confident about your appearance, but also more confident in your abilities. If you are more confident in your ability to pass an exam, you are more likely to do better. Confidence is key in many aspects of school, and exams are no different. So guys, put on your polo shirts, and girls, dig out those dresses. It sounds silly, but find the outfits you feel you look best in.

Now let me clarify: I’m not telling you to stop studying, because a cute outfit won’t solve all your problems. However, everyone needs a confidence boost once in awhile, especially on exam day, and this is a super simple way to do it. Do I have scientific research to back this up? No, and maybe some is out there. All I have to back up this theory is my personal experiences. So today, while I am still nervous for my abnormal psych exam. I got up, did my makeup and hair, and put on a cute dress. And let me tell you, I already feel more confident about this exam. And hey, if I happen to fail, at least I’ll look pretty while doing so!

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