My Latest Mishap

Every once in awhile, I get bored and restless with my same, boring routine. When this happens, I like to have what I call an “Impulse Day.” This is when I spend time doing spontaneous things and change up my day. After an Impulse Day, I usually feel refreshed and tend to have a more positive outlook on life: a “I can do anything” type of feeling. This past Sunday, the Sunday before finals I may add, I felt is was time for an Impulse Day. The impulse? My hair. It started innocently enough; just a simple hair cut. Having not had one since January, I felt it was time to try a new style, and even get my bangs back.

After my haircut, I felt rejuvenated and confident with my new “do.” But for whatever reason  I decided to take it one step further and dye it. While I was perfectly content with getting a nice soft brown color (My hair is naturally a bright golden blonde), something possessed me to take a different route. A route I have been wanting to try since I was four. Red. I’m not talking about a subtle strawberry blonde red or even an auburn. Nope! I went for what can only be described as bright ass red.

As I waited in anticipation as the dye set in, I couldn’t keep myself from wondering, did I just make a huge mistake? As I sat in my tub, rinsing out my hair, desperately waiting for the water to run clear, my panic become more prevalent. My brain was a back and forth argument between what did I just do to my beautiful hair and this is going to look great, its fine. When the water finally ran clear and my tub stopped looking like I had just committed a murder, I quickly dried my hair , and braced myself as I turned towards the mirror. I stood in shock. What were once gorgeous blonde locks were now bright red. My brain kicked in as did cognitive dissonance. I immediately started looking at the positives. It didn’t look that bad, it made my green eyes pop, and I could totally rock it. I turned to Snapchat, seeking validation from my friends. Aside from one telling me I looked like a lesbian, everyone seemed to love it.


This lasted about two days. By Tuesday, I was done with the red. It was already starting to fade in some places and was looking patchy. My solution? I’ll strip the color! I went and got a kit that guaranteed to strip the revolting red out of my hair and restore my luscious blonde locks back to their former glory. As I sat for 20 minutes letting it process, I could hardly contain my excitement. I could fix my mistake! Everything was going to be okay!

That relief lasted right up until the rinse out process. After spending 30 minutes in the shower rinsing and shampooing over and over, I got out and was horrified to see that my hair was now a bright, dandelion yellow. Now what was I going to do!? Dye it again? Risk damaging my hair that I loved so much? After taking a few deep breaths, the shock and awe wore off, and I decided to live with the yellow. I didn’t want to risk putting my hair through anymore trauma, and once I stepped out of my harsh bathroom lighting, it didn’t look as bad. The brightness has worn off today, a day later, and it is actually pretty close to my natural hair. In fact, it looks as if someone tried to dye their hair my color, but was left with a blonde only a box could provide. (Trust me, it is much brighter in person than in the picture).


As traumatic and stressful as this whole situation had been, I have decided to look at it as a learning experience. First of all, control your impulse days! Haircut good. Hair dye… BAD! Save dying the hair for a day when you have really thought about what color you want to rock. If it’s bright ass red, go for it! Hopefully your experience goes better than mine. Secondly, when things go bad, try to focus on the positives. It will help lessen the negative feelings, and if need be, your mistake may even be fixable. Most importantly, laugh at yourself. This is post is about me being able to look at a bad situation, and make it humorous. At least now, if you are laughing, I am laughing with you. Life is far too short to not laugh at your own silly mistakes. Own them, rock them, whatever you need to do to live with them. At this point, I will continue to laugh about my three days as a fiery redhead, rock my dandelion yellow hair, and be my perfectly imperfect self. I hope you all can do the same!

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