Why We Are Here

When I was a junior in high school, I had to take a world history class. Now, most people would dread this class, however mine was with my favorite teacher, so I was excited for this semester long class. On the first day, my teacher posed us all a question: “Why are we here?” We all kind of rolled our eyes and blew off the question, but he wanted a serious answer. He told us to come up with two reasons as to why we thought we were here. I didn’t have a serious answer to this question, so I blew off the assignment. One of the reasons I put was that we didn’t have a purpose. We all were simply here to live and then die- there was no deep meaning to it. I don’t even remember what the other answer I put was, because it didn’t matter.

Now most people would finish the assignment, and move on with their lives, but this one stayed with me. I couldn’t seem to get the question out of my head: “Why are we here?” I couldn’t find an answer, no matter how hard I looked. For whatever reason, this assignment stayed with me for a year and a half until I finally discovered the answer I had been looking for.

I had organized a memorial event at my school. Community members were invited to come honor their loved ones who had passed. For such a small school, we had a lot of names. That night, as we gathered in a circle, most of us choking back tears, I found my answer.

When you lose someone you love, you start to feel all alone. No one understands what you are going through, because everyone grieves differently. But I realized that night, that if we all feel alone, then we are together in that too. That’s when I realized why I think we are here: to remind everyone that they are not alone. To be there for people when they need someone and to show them someone is in their corner.

It was that moment that set the foundation for how I continue to live my life 2.5 years later. I know how what it feels like to think you are all alone- it is a curse I would never wish on anybody. I live everyday to try and show others they are not alone. This isn’t always easy, and I know that I am far from perfect, but when I am faced with challenges and difficult choices, I think back to this concept. I think about what I feel my purpose in life is, and life doesn’t seem so difficult anymore. I challenge you to ask yourself “Why are we here?” Don’t be discouraged if you can’t come up with an answer right away. After all, mine took a year and a half to find.


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