Things Girls Love to Hear

We hear it all the time: “girls are so hard to please” or “girls are so complicated”-this list goes on and on. However, as a girl, I can assure you it is a lie-it’s just what some of us want you to think. However, if you listen in on a conversation amongst just girls, you’ll find out we aren’t that difficult at all. After looking up articles on the same concept, I backed away from google quite unhappy, because 90% of the things listed where not things I would want to hear at all (“I want to lick your tight pink p***y?” If a guy said that to me, I’d probably smack him.) As a girl, here are the phrases that have been said to me that go straight to the middle of my ice cold heart.

1. “You look pretty.” This phrase is so much sweeter than “You look hot,” but doesn’t hold the intensity and pressure that “You look beautiful” does. I guarantee if you tell a girl she is pretty, she will remember it for years to follow, because I know I do.

2. “Your make up looks cute.” This could also work for nails, hair, etc, but the point is the same- girls put a lot of work into these things. When you spend an hour getting ready, it means something when a guy hones in on a part of it. We put a lot of effort into getting our eye make up just perfect, or making sure every piece of hair is in place- it’s nice to have those things be noticed.

3. “That outfit looks nice on you.” This is one of my favorites, because I put a lot of effort into selecting the perfect outfit for my day, however I am usually insecure about how it looks on my body. When I hear that an outfit looks good or nice on me, I am immediately more confident for not only the rest of the day, but every time I wear that outfit. I am also more likely to wear said outfit much more often, all because one person made me feel pretty in it.

4. “How is your day going?” This one works really well over text as well. It’s different from a “What’s up?” or “How are you?” It’s more personal and thoughtful, and because of that, you are more likely to get an honest response.

5. “You have pretty eyes.” Its cheesy and corny and it makes my heart melt every single time.

6. “I’m proud of you.” Who doesn’t love hearing this? Nothing boosts my self confidence like someone telling me this.

7. “You have a cute laugh.” As someone who is insecure about my laugh (I know that’s a silly thing to be insecure about), it makes me feel good when someone tells me this. Because a laugh is normally involuntary, it’s easy to be self conscious about it, so when someone compliments it, it feels really good.

8. “What do you think?” Its nice to hear that someone wants our opinion on something, especially when it’s something we actually know a lot about. It shows that someone actually cares about what we think.

9. “Are you sure you’re okay?” This usually follows the initial “How are you?” “I’m good.” This phrase is for when you know something is off. If you ask twice, it helps us to believe you actually care and aren’t just asking out of common courtesy . Plus, someone is much more likely to open up after the second time you ask.

10. “You’re prettier when you smile.” This will almost guarantee that you will get a smile. First, it suggest that a girl is already pretty. Second, it makes it seem like you have noticed. This is my personal favorite- I can say that it is one of, if not the, sweetest things a guy has ever said to me. I still smile whenever I think of it.

Hopefully these are a little better than some of the other ones found on the internet. Or maybe I’m completely wrong, and these just happen to be things I like to hear. Either way, feel free to let me know what you think in the comments!

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