Why I am not “Proud” to be American

I hear people say all the time that they are proud to be Americans. It’s second nature to associate the word “American” with “pride.” I, however, am not “proud” to be an American. When I say this, many look down on me and/or tell me to leave the country. And it is that, right there, why I am not proud of my country. So often times, people think that because they are American, they are worth more than others. As if being born in the United States makes them better than anyone else in the world. But the moment someone disagrees with this notion, we are told to “just leave.” It is my belief that people are just people. I don’t care if you’re European, African, North American, black, white, Latina, or whatever else you may identify as- none of those things defines your self-worth because we are all just people. I was just born in a different place than others- this doesn’t make me better by any means. This doesn’t mean that my life is worth more. The only reason I am American is because a long time ago some of my ancestors decided to get on a boat- this doesn’t make me special. I am a person, just like you. We are all just humans. The country I was born in doesn’t make me superior to another. No I do not hate America and I realize that there are worse places to live, but I do not think that my country is better than others like we like to believe it is. I do not hate all Americans, because I don’t like to generalize people- I prefer to know them before I judge them. You can call me any name you please or say whatever you want- you’re not going to insult me and you’re sure as hell not going to change my mind. I prefer to live in a world where people are just people and they are free to be who they want to be. So no, I am not proud to have born in a country where so many have a false sense of superiority. I am not proud to live in a country whose government thinks they can do what they want in other countries just because this is America. I am not proud to know people that feel that war is “population control.” I am proud of those that aren’t afraid to stand up and share what they feel. I am proud of those that can admit their flaws. I am proud of those that try to make the world better. I am proud of those that spread love instead of hate. I am proud of people that understand that we are all the same on the inside, no matter how we look or where we come from. So I may not be proud to be an American, but I am proud of the things that truly matter.

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