Lately in my pursuit for a healthy brain, I have noticed noise. Often times the noise seems to be too much. There is so much noise that surrounds us every day, but why is it only too much some of the times? Sometimes the loudness of a party is something I crave and love. I love the shouting and the amount of people and the overall loudness of it all. But other times, even the simplest of noises is too much. Someone is talking or playing a video, and seems too loud for my brain to function. Many times I can read books despite the noises around me, other times I can’t even get through a sentence with the T.V. on. I feel so overwhelmed with all the noise around me that I can’t even hear myself think. So what can you do when the noise is too much? What do you do when you want to scream out “SHUT UP!!!”  The simple solution is to simply move somewhere quiet, however that is not always possible. My advice is this: take a deep breath and relish in the quiet moments. When the noise starts again, just close your eyes and breathe. Do your best to focus all of your energy on something until the noise isn’t so troubling anymore. Noise is all around us, so rather than running to find a quiet place to run when the noise is too much, learn to live your life hand in hand with the noise that surrounds you. Because a world filled with noise is better than a silent one.

2 thoughts on “Noise

  1. Hi you could not be further from the truth about staying put and putting up with world filled with noise. Perhaps you do not suffer migraine or cluster headaches ( ) but there is achievable quiet and I need it for physical and mental wellbeing. Blast your head with noise if it pleases you. I respect mine. I live between two sociopaths whose greatest joy is making others suffer their noise round the clock. You get one pair of ears. Look after them.


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