IMG_1037 [2000]

It saddens me how many times in our lives, we have this conversation. Think about how many times you tell people you’re tired when that’s not the problem at all. I know that I am beyond guilty of this. Being “tired” has become my scapegoat. And maybe the real problem with that isn’t that we say we are tired, maybe it’s that no one ever bothers to question it. Because there are so many kinds of “tired,” it’s important to follow up on this statement. Or maybe, just maybe, we need to stop asking the question, “Are you okay?” Of all the times in your life you’ve been asked that question, how many times have you given an honest answer? For most of us, not very many. It’s hard to answer honestly to this question, because how often are we really okay? More often than not, we have thoughts similar to the ones in the picture dancing around our heads when people ask if we are okay. The next time you ask someone if they are okay, ask yourself this first, “Am I prepared for if they say no?” Because if someone finally opens up about the thoughts in their heads, you need to be ready for that. Because if you aren’t, they will just go back to being tired. And if they tell you they are tired, ask them why or what kind. Because in anyone ever really just tired?

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