Months of the Year

A good writing exercise to help with developing characters is to create a persona for each month of the year. Describe them as if they were a person. You can simply describe their physical details, or you can go deeper and give them a background. Make it as descriptive and symbolic as you like, but focus on creating the character. Below is my person of February.

It’s a rarity to be on her good side. She has been broken too many times, therefore she never trusts anyone, at least, not completely. People love to give her negative labels, but you’d be just like her if you had watched your life completely crumble around you and had been powerless to stop it. When she walks down the street, people naturally move out of her way, probably because of the sour expression that is constantly etched on her beautiful, pale face. Her features are striking, especially her eyes, which are a piercing ice blue that seem to stare directly into the darkest part of your soul. Her hair cascades down to her chest; its color as black as night. She wears heels, so that she may tower over everyone she meets. She enjoys looking down at them after people looked down at her for so many years. There is no use in trying to restore the life in her eyes, for inside, she is already dead.

Notice how it isn’t very long, but it does do a good job of helping the reader picture February as a person. You could expand on the story, describe her clothing, her shoes. Where is she? Where is she going? What is her job? The point is every piece of writing can always be either finished or a work in progress. That is up to the author.

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