The Most Important Job in the World

There is one job in this world that rises above all others in matters of importance. No, it isn’t the doctors or the policemen, who are important, but not as important as those who spend their lives inspiring people. Inspiring people to become doctors, policemen, and even congressmen. They provide people every day with the skills they need to become whatever they desire. They’re the people who are greatly underappreciated and wildly under paid, but yet they wake up every day and go to work, because they care more about the well-being of others than themselves. Yes, I am talking about teachers. These men and women dedicate their lives to passing their knowledge to fresh, new minds. Whether they are teaching children the alphabet or lecturing a class of med school students on how to properly remove a brain tumor, they are trying their hardest to create better people to send out into the world. Every single one of us has had several teachers along our way, but ask yourself this- how often did you thank them? Thank them for getting up every day and standing before your class, even on their worst days. Thank them for putting in countless extra hours, hoping to make each lesson a little better, a little more interesting, in hopes that the students will enjoy learning just a little more. Thank them for accepting mediocre pay, even though they hold the most important job in the world. Because without teachers, there would be no doctors to remove that brain tumor, no policemen to arrest the man that murdered your son. Our society would crumble without them.

As a girl who had trouble fitting in, teachers were my salvation growing up. My best friend in high school was a teacher who cared enough to go beyond his job description in order to make a student’s life a little easier to handle. That teacher inspired me to pursue a career in education, because I knew I could be that person for another young student who feels out of step with the world. In my small high school, the halls were filled with excellent teachers who showed that they truly cared for each, and every student that was fortunate enough to pass through their classroom. Teachers who worked hard to make their lessons a little more relatable to life and a little more enjoyable. And they were not thanked nearly enough.

So thank your teachers. Tell them that they are appreciated, and don’t take them for granted because you will miss them when they are gone. Take the time to show them that their job matters. Because it is that gratitude that help shape better teachers, making learning a little easier and a little better for students everywhere.

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