Welcome to the crazy inner-workings of my twisted brain! I hope you enjoy reading all the things I have to say, because I have sure enjoyed writing them. Check out different categories in the menu tab or just explore recent posts.

Here’s a little explanation about each of the categories:

Love(ish): These are posts about the world of love and romance, including some posts about my personal relations. A few examples of these are “To My Mess” and “What it Means to Be Single.” Basically anything relationship and love related will now be posted here.

Slight Politics: Anything that is remotely political is found here. Not all are super political like “For the Boys,” and others are a little more on the political side such as, “Why We Need Feminism.” There is a wider variety in this category than you may think, so I encourage you to explore this one.

Strictly Me: These are my more personal posts such as “New Boobs, Who Dis” and “My Top 10 Flaws” While all my posts could be considered personal, this category is more about me opening up about myself and talking more about my personal life. This is kind of a fun category that I would love feedback on!

Grief and Hardship: These posts are a little more emotional and are centered on struggles in my life and the lives of others. These are usually extremely personal, but also geared toward helping others cope with life’s hardships. Posts in here include “What I Miss the Most” and “The Side Effects of Suicide”

Anxiety and Depression: In this category, I really open up about my disorders and my mental health. This tab includes posts like “If I had Known What was Wrong with Me” and “All I Could have Missed.” With these posts, I am hoping to help people understand what it is like to struggle with these disorders and ones like them, as well as to help end the stigmas that surround them.

Writing: This is where I share exerts from my novels and some writing techniques I use.

Art: This is where I share my paintings and drawings, as well as other pieces. I also talk about the emotional side of art that plays a huge role in how the pieces turn out.

The Rest: This tab is full of posts that didn’t really fit anywhere else. Examples of this category would be “Amazing Things Our Bodies Do” and “The Busty Battle.” This was originally the “Thoughts” tab, but the name has just been changed and several posts have been moved.

A little about me: I live in rural Minnesota and work in crime victim services. In my spare time, I like to read, write, craft, and spend time with my friends and family. My dog, Koda, is my whole world. My hope is to use this blog to promote positivity, encourage self strength, and help people discover their inner awesomeness and embrace their weirdness.

Feel free to comment your opinions, thoughts, and ideas on posts or to email me at historyiswhoweare@gmail.com.

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